Curvy Redhead Escort Philadelphia

The time of your life

is so close, you can taste it!

As a curvy redhead escort Philadelphia, I offer trysts, escapades, rendezvous, and more in both Philadelphia and New York City. Please, do be a dear and make note that my rates are slightly different for each city and that all NYC dates require a minimum of 3 hours.

Simply click the city title in the table below to reveal the rates for that particular locale.

Curvy Redhead Escort Philadelphia

I’d love to visit you in your hometown, or jet off to a romantic destination together!

Fly me to you rates have a $2800 minimum + $1500 travel fee.

Redhead BBW Escort NYC


Need a base for our covert operations? I’m happy to procure us a secret hideout! An additional fee may apply.


Prefer the comfort of your own hideaway? I’m happy to come to you! Please note that I only travel to well-established hotels at this time.

Curvy Redhead Escort Philadelphia

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

Such an adventure wouldn’t come without a little fine print, my dear.

You’ll need to present a deposit to secure any date with me. The amount of the deposit is contingent upon the length of the date, and I’ll let you know what the deposit is once you’ve gotten screened and verified.

Deposits are paid either via Venmo or CashApp, and are absolutely non-refundable under any circumstance. If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice, your deposit can be applied to a date that’s rescheduled within a month of cancellation.

If you cancel 24 hours or less before our date then my rate is due in full.

Note: in the rare instance that I must cancel or reschedule our engagement, you may choose to apply the deposit to a new date of choice, or I will refund your deposit within 24-48 hours in full.

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