Secret Agent in The Streets, Femme Fatale in The Sheets.

BBW Redhead Escort Philadelphia

A feminine fever dream. A real guy’s girl. An old soul dressed in soft skin.

BBW Redhead Escort Philadelphia

Hi guys! I’m Lana van Dam. A magnificently charismatic companion localized in Philadelphia who’s always happy to travel!  I want you to show me off and show me around. I enjoy a man’s man that trembles with anticipation and is able to relish in all of my angles, no matter his status or social leanings. I crave it all. A life that is led by no one but is swayed and stirred by everything.

And I have to say, I’m more than just a bombshell with provocative extracurricular interests. Wink, wink… nudge, nudge. I’m an intelligent girl next door type with quirky interests and a psyche that was born fifty years too late. I am a lady of traditional values that can easily maneuver from sweet-as-honey dinner date to sporting jeans and saddling up for an afternoon riding through the Poconos. I’m a sucker for all things retro; movies, music, values, and companions. 

You can make me equally happy by taking me to cheer on the Flyers or posting up on the rooftop terrace at the Knickerbocker in Times Square to enjoy the views of New York’s spirit. I would delight in perusing the Farmer’s Market in Main Line’s Bryn Mawr with you, where we can find treats to nourish us while we exploit our steamy appetites after returning to our hideaway. If music tickles your fancy like it does mine, we can take cocktails and a song or two at a jazz club. The electricity of the live instruments running through us as we dance skin-to-skin and exchange knowing smiles. 

If going out isn’t what you are pining for, I am more than happy to show you my nurturing side while you marvel at my dangerous curves and quick wit, feeling the cool of the sheets on our damp skin. We can luxuriate in those rare moments with just you & I, sharing inside jokes, cuddles, back rubs, and bubble baths. I can be your Agent 99, where we explore that delicate balance between chaos and control. (Bonus points if you get that reference.)

I have also been told throughout my life that I am an exceptional conversationalist with a nourishing smile and a buoyant laugh. One thing I really love about myself is that I am disarming and receptive. At my core, I am a people-person and savor making others happy, creating memories, connections, and meaningful exchanges. I am well-educated & down-to-earth, and find joy in mingling with people of all walks of life. There is hardly a topic that I cannot be comfortable speaking and learning about, as my curiosity mimics that of a feline. My interests are labyrinthian and my humor is cheeky. 

Who are you? To me you are my salt-of-the-earth sexy man with a few secrets.

BBW Redhead Escort Philadelphia

You are kind, respectful, & generous with a penchant for spoiling and being spoiled. You won’t tell me right away, but even before we bid our farewells, you can’t stop thinking about the next time you can sneak away from all the stress and responsibility of your day-to-day demands to get some well-deserved “Van Dam” treatment. You want that natural GFE. You need it. Crave it. Yet, you are mysterious and dapper. Something I covet, too. Remember, I want this as much as you do. I am a lady and you are my gent. 

Who knows? The fate of our entire nation might rest on our connection. 

Yours in flannel and lace,